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My previous message was posted just a few seconds before Takkaria's answer, so it could be lost; so I'll post it there with some addition info

/rfe add:
dice:XdX  # value of debuff
time:X     # there is 'time' already for recharging.. this particular time means for how much turns effect would be applied
With this effect it would be possible to implement interesting short-term effects. Right now in most cases we should use small values of debuffs cause they all are permanent (btw it's great that lvlup cures this, great mechanics). Eg it could be interested to lower character strength -10 in certain situation for a few turns.

And it's not only such 'powerful' effects like -10... Also it could be used to add some moderate stuff to make some objects more 'spicy'; eg I've made booze to have a lot of different random effects.. Among them there are effect: DRAIN_STAT: .. It would be great to have possibility to make this as temp effect - hangover hehe
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