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Originally Posted by t4nk View Post
So calling someone an idiot via PM is "harrassing", but incredibly scummy and insulting posts like this are tolerated? Wow, that's pretty lowly. I thought better about the moderator.
Since the moderation policy of this forum doesn't suit me at all, I'm out of here.
Moderators asked me not to reply to your posts, but I'll just note for the last time..

I didn't said anything bad directly towards you, except 'toxic' word - after you repeated offence via PM. I'm sorry for it.

Also I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings with my video, but I'm Russian-speaking too and I do not see anything scummy and insulting in video which I posted. It's just my point of view, impersonal toward anyone at this forum, as I've recorded that video long time ago (2015), long time before this nasty situation.

As I said before in this topic:

Originally Posted by tangar View Post
Let's just leave this tiny unpleasantness behind and do not repeat it again.
So I suggest just to ignore each other - I won't reply to your posts ever; if you would do the same to me - we could both to have comfortable communication within this forum.

Kind regards,
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