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Originally Posted by tangar View Post
What about to give a possibility to assign an object to tileset 'quick&dirty' way (actually it nice and clean.. ), right in gamedata file? eg:

tile:[number of tileset]:[x]:[y] , so in eg above 'tile:3' is Gervais tileset; 'tile: 4' - Nomad.

and make it override tileset .prf files. Such addition would make adding and assigning new object to tileset very pleasant and easy

Right now to add or reassign object you need to edit 5 different .prf files with the same name.. It's hell mess. Even if it's only 1 tileset to modify - having everything in one file is so great DD
Originally Posted by takkaria View Post
I think it would be a mistake to have both systems in place. Having it in object.txt is quite elegant. But it depends who you're optimising for - existing tileset maintainers or new tileset producers. If the latter, you want tilesets as modular as you can get them; if the former, you want everything in one place.
This is very good question: maintainers or producers?

So it depends on how often do you change stuff. If you do it from time to time - it's ok to have stuff in nice separate folders. But for daily work when you juggle tiles now and then - editing .prf files is hell. Could it be 'conditional' stuff? I mean - lets .prf files stay as they are, but if user defined particular tile in gamedata file - let's it override .prf file.

But actually after Takkaria's post, I'm not sure that it was so good idea.. Another problem is that config files would become bigger, so it would be a bit harder to work with them - less space visible on the screen.. It could look like tiny problem at first, but who know what else would be added to config files in future, so maybe it's good to have each entry as 'short' as it could be, while it's possible.
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