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Originally Posted by Gwarl View Post
Personally I'd rather see a reduction in the to_h and to_d and keep the dd, because dice and brands are a more interesting mechanic than to_d, where in the latter case the weapon damage kind of pales into insignificance and the number of attacksto leverage the to_d is king. Which is IMO a problem in V combat generally. More emphasis on dd and ds makes more more varied combat and potentially more interesting weapon choices as it allows brands to shine and decreases emphasis on blows/round.
I tend to think similarly, but had two reasons for going the other way:
  1. I thought the brand damage rather and the overall damage were both problems and
  2. I had just read the discussion prior when they were buffed, and there was a general move to give artifacts higher pusses because they can easily just get enchanted up anyway.

After a second think, I think I was probably wrong on the first count, and that the game has changed sufficiently that the second one is less of an issue. So I might go with 2d4 (+6,+9) or similar.

You've also made me think about the whole question of plusses vs. dice. Here is a suggestion:
  • Rebalance weapons to put more in dice and less in + to-hit and to-dam
  • Rework the enchant mechanic a bit so that plusses don't get as high, probably by just cutting off the chance of enchantment at +12 or even +10 - which also reduces the silly "enchant, rest for mana, repeat" game for priests and paladins.

This is a decent-sized change - what do people think?
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