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Originally Posted by fph View Post
Exactly. I am the proposer of the very first item in the list ("meaningful object colors"), and I assumed that the change had been rejected: the comment on the tracker says "this is a big change, that gives away a lot of information, and should be at least tried in a variant first" --- which is a fair point. So I am kinda surprised to see it back here on the to-do list.
Sorry, I should have put the disclaimer up front: posting that list doesn't mean that whatever anybody produces will automatically be included - at the very least it has to get a nod from takkaria as a good enough solution/implementation. My assumption was that anybody inspired to work on one of these things would post here linking to their work, and discussion would ensue automatically.

If that doesn't happen, I'll make sure I start a thread myself before committing any of these.

@fph: the fact that the ticket was not closed indicates that there is still at least a chance that takkaria would welcome an implementation of this idea ...
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