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Beta 6.2 "Maybe Easier" is here!

As the codename suggests, changes are mostly focused on increasing survivability at lower levels. Some monster CRs were bumped so that they will no longer appear on dlvl 1-3 and you can switch to easy mode, too.

In related news, I set up a wikidot page and now that I'm starting university year, I will focus on updating documentation more and less on adding content to the game.

Grab the standalone version from GitHub or Bitbucket or wait for ModDB.

Or you can grab the module file from

Something that took me 3 days, but means great things moving forward!

* bug fix - spell image list no longer overlaps text spell list [Castler]
* bug fix - no longer able to bypass confirmation of Quit Permanently dialog [Castler]
* bug fix - fix some misspellings [Castler]
* bug fix - Lua error on cancelling mount skill [Castler]
* bug fix - Xavias godpulse causing Lua error [Castler]
* bug fix - fix corpse and bag weights
* bug fix - restore stat descriptions in char creation
* bug fix - DR check not working properly
* bug fix - no longer able to use ranged weapons in melee
* bug fix - pseudo-ID and auto-ID now work for worn/equipped items too [Castler]
* bug fix - saving throws logged properly [Castler]
* bug fix - skills logged properly on a 1 or a 20 [Castler]
* bug fix - proper skill points calculation [Castler]
* bug fix - definite fix for "fall-lock" on ice [Castler]
* bug fix - give subtypes to neutral NPCs
* bug fix - no more 'hit for 0 darkness damage' messages spam
* bug fix - no more being 2-hitted by some monsters with higher speeds
* bug fix - lock out of inventory after shopping bug
* bug fix - attacking or using a feat now breaks stealth
* bug fix - fixed some ASCII letters/colors

* difficulty level selection (easy mode forbids criticals by monsters on player)
* gameplay variant options (defensive roll)
* new magic properties: light/moderate/heavy fortification
* increased CR for some monsters: satyr is now CR 5 (was 3); razor boar is now CR 8 (was 5)
* you can now attack while dying
* weapons grant parry bonuses, Incursion-style
* object flavors, ToME 2/Angband style
* switch to silver-based economy
* color-code skills in character sheet Incursion-style
* color-code max skill ranks in skill dialog, UI improvements
* feat select dialog is now categorized
* backport ActorTalentDialog from ToME 1.2.4 [Castler]

Known problems:
* Summon Monster spell monster selection doesn't really do anything - the spell summons a wolf, regardless
* some players reported problems with keybinding screen - I would like an error report or part of the log

I need feedback on new prices!
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