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Uh, I know I said at the end of October that the next beta will probably arrive in December...

Turns out I lied (or rather, my university obligations let up a bit and I realized the changelog was getting unwieldy).

So here's beta 6.4 "Still chasing Incursion".

Loads of content additions, AI fixes, UI improvements and loads of bugfixes.

Grab the standalone version from GitHub or Bitbucket or wait for ModDB.

* bug fix - ID counters don't tick down anymore when resting
* bug fix - hunger is properly reduced when resting
* bug fix - typo in zone definitions re: marble wall
* bug fix - starting mundane items being unidentified
* bug fix - give poison vials their proper unided name
* bug fix - no longer logging off-screen combat or damage
* bug fix - nix all references to default ToME from options
* bug fix - item level feelings now working as intended
* bug fix - combat log now hints at damage reduction if present
* bug fix - anger on hit properly
* bug fix - templated critters can no longer exceed a zone's max CR cap
* bug fix - some templates were missing HD bonuses
* bug fix - fix otyugh, satyr, aranea, chaos beast, janni, arrowhawk, achaierai, barghest, vargouille; orc, kobold, goblin, human, drow, hobgoblin; shocker lizard, basilisk, bulette, giant owl, purple worm XP rewards
* bug fix - give the inevitables their feats
* bug fix - change spider eater, dragonne, goblin tile
* bug fix - UI issues upon loading premade chars (except minimap dot wrong color)
* bug fix - bring save formulas in line with expected d20 values
* bug fix - Bard has Will as a good save now, as intended

* update to T-Engine 1.2.4
* new terrain - torch, faerie lantern, pillar, rock pillar
* new tiles - doppelganger, tiger, cobra, constrictor, xorn, troll
* new spells - detect evil/good/chaos/law
* new templates - shaman, curate, half-fey; outlaw, brigand; veteran, elite, master, paragon, legendary; feral, dire; flame, earthen, gaseous, aqueous; three-eyed, pseudonatural from Incursion
* new monsters - jackal, mastiff from Incursion; hyena, short-faced hyena from PF
* new feat - Stunning Fist
* angels, fey and unicorn no longer hostile to good or neutral characters
* implemented bonus spells for high stats
* implemented Appraise & Listen skills
* implemented monk class features
* increased starting food amount
* increased XP rewards for low CR monsters in line with Pathfinder rewards
* death messages
* use ToME log functions
* add path string, emotes support
* adapt ToME panic code as an AI
* use an UIset based on Classic ToME
* appraise, craft and decipher script skills added
* add more flavors from Incursion (cloaks, bracers, boots, rings, amulets)
* add object tracker to debug menu
* add code for ID'ing item schools, Incursion-style
* add lesser vaults code
* add entry chamber and hells entry chamber from Incursion
* implement fasting for rangers, Incursion-style

Known problems:
* Summon Monster spell monster selection doesn't really do anything - the spell summons a wolf, regardless
* some players reported problems with keybinding screen - I would like an error report or part of the log
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