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Alas, the next version is not called "stable" yet...

Here's beta 6.5 "More to see in the universe". Grab it from GitHub or Bitbucket or wait for ModDB.

* bug fix - fix the isThreatened() function
* bug fix - add "or 0" to item price appraisal
* bug fix - drow and elves now receive racial proficiencies properly
* bug fix - restore targeting display
* bug fix - stores for wandering shopkeepers now work as intended (no more insta-restocking)
* bug fix - no longer capitalizing target names in log
* bug fix - restore feat descriptions in feat select dialog

* new tiles: drow noble female, drow noble male
* new spells: expeditious retreat, dimension door, magic mapping, detect monsters, detect objects, know alignment
* new terrain: shallow water
* new zone: drow city, drow noble compound, tavern, brothel
* new NPC: drow sage; drow noble female/male, drow commoner, drow guard, drow courtesan
* implement class titles
* implement stats training
* implement trap sense for rogues
* display seen NPCs in a list on-screen
* implement racial dolls
* add towns to worldmap
* saves are now timestamped and time played is tracked
* good player characters of traditionally evil races have a special intro text
* randomize notes drop
* implement a level spots tracker debug functionality
* testing encounter-based generator

The main reason it's not labeled as stable is that I can't fix a few lingering issues (level being displayed under the UI, for example) and that some content (metamagic feats, archery feats, dragons, swarms) is still missing.
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