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Waaaay back when I tried D&D, and soon realized that the easiest trap for a novice DM to fall into is to provide too many targets, or too many rooms.

A level should satisfy the following invariants:
1. Provide enough targets for reasonable advancement at corresponding cl (for Angband, this is cl=dl/2).
2. Not allow significant further character advancement without repeating levels
3. Provide a reasonable barrier to further progress into the dungeon, but not so much as to make progress tedious.

Some immediate corolaries include:
* Don't make too many rooms, as mapping quickly gets boring.
* Don't mMs too few rooms, as it makes powerdiving too easy. (there needs to be some risk in getting ti the next stairs down.)
* Keep your dungeon topology simple. If I want a maze, I'll find a cornfield somewhere.

The map you posted first is very cool, but as a player I'd rather stick to the angband default.
If you want to penalize diving, Unangband has some additional heuristics to make diving more dangerous, without adding more rooms or complexity to the map
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