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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
Waaaay back when I tried D&D, and soon realized that the easiest trap for a novice DM to fall into is to provide too many targets, or too many rooms.
I've definitely backed off from my original idea, which was to create one giant dungeon level with all the varying difficulty zones separated by gates. Three hundred rooms packed into a level certainly looked impressive, but it was a major hassle to explore even without being populated by monsters.

The most recent changes to dungeon generation have come about because of my switch to using 32x32 tiles. Screen real estate is now at a premium, so I've reduced the average size of most rooms to compensate. I don't think the larger rooms affected gameplay much anyway since players tend to do all their fighting in corridors.

Ultimately I'll probably end up with levels which are about the same size as Vanilla. Rooms tend to be more interconnected than Vanilla's, though, due to how corridors are generated.
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