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My best luck with super fast wins is with Half Troll Warrior. I like to play with forced descent on to help move things along. You can really crash dive to DL16 and if you get a 'thanc and FrAct early on then you pretty much can crash dive to DL28 without too much trouble. I think my best run with that combo was around 44k turns (maybe just under that). When crash diving with that HT/Warrior the DL40s tend to be a bit scary due to lack of detection against scary things like drolems. But if you keep moving quickly, not resting too much (not much need to, really) and not spending much time on each level, you often can get some great gear without a run in with a dreadful drolem.

One reason I like forced descent is it complements my playstyle of wanting to fight everything I can. Most of my gear in these sorts of games comes from drops, rather than vaults. Plus, it has the added bonus of not needing rNexus when fighting sauron and morgoth, since no one can teleport you off level as long as the boss you are fighting is alive, since forced descent prevents you from going up a level and endgame bosses prevent you from going down a level (only while they are alive, of course).
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