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Originally Posted by Mikko Lehtinen View Post
This combination really could work!

OK, how do we make each battle challenging then?

Maybe there should be some monsters, or some monster abilities, that wouldn't get any easier to defeat as you gain levels. That way even a level 50 character would face some real danger even on DL 1.

One idea, just to pick an example: Sanity score, which would depend only on race and class but not on character level. It would work just like hitpoints against some monster attacks.

Or divide hitpoints into endurance and life, with life points not increasing with levels. Usually life points would be reduced only after endurance is at zero. But some kind of attacks would reduce life points directly, like curse spells and poison.
No offense and it might just reflect the type of player I am, but the first thing that popped into my mind reading this was "Uh Complicated, not going to play it" I'm not a big fan of complexity, but that is just my opinion.
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