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Originally Posted by Narvius View Post
State: +10 Speed from being hasted. Single, temporary rPoison. Around 300 HP. 18/*** Intelligence, and capable of casting spells like Teleport Level or Teleport Other at 0% fail.

So what happened?

I stepped into the field of vision of a single Bile Demon, being confident that I could survive one breath (800 / 3 => 233, which is less than 300) and then teleport it away...

You no longer feel resistant to poison.
The Bile Demon breathes poison.
You die.

Murphy's Law at its finest.
Would it be better/fairer/funner if temporary effects expired just before your turn, rather than just after your turn (and before the monsters' turn)? So you know when it happens and can (try to) do something about it? I don't see any good reason that it should be the other way.
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