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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
.... If your stealth is terrible, than +1 or +2 isn't going to make a huge difference, and if it's good enough that already nothing wakes up, then again it makes little difference.

I made a wretched mistake in my last deep-diver. Gave up on 302 AC for a bit more speed, a bit more stealth. It was not, in any way, a wise move. I panicked, forced descent, and was only at a 25-ish speed, wanted 30+ native. Should have kept armour as it was, relied on 302 and a rod of speed to get the job done.

Ironically, I think it was a concern over nether resistance that moved me out of the 302 into 250-ish, and the end result of @'s death? Nether.... a
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