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PowerWyrm, yep, it's part of my font:

But it's not the case. I just showed you an example, that it's actually could be _code_ problem, not font. Again:

1) in current (stable) version of TomeNET client glyph #2 works perfectly

2) in test version of client - it become a 'door' (test client could be found at the bottom of this page: ).
Detailed video explanation of the bug:
// it's temporary hidden video, accessible only by link, would be deleted soon

3) in the past (like ~6 months ago) #2 glyph didn't work either (that's why initially I marked it with 'X', when I just created 1st version of my font). So devs managed to fix #2 in current version, but then they did something wrong in test version of client (which I use right now while playing because of new music features).

This logic gives us an understanding that actually it's very like to be _possible_ fix 16-31 glyphs - cause #2 was recently fixed (and then broken again in test client).

Originally Posted by PowerWyrm View Post
This means the code would remap character "2" to something else, like it does for 16-31Unicode.
It does not! If you would check my tileset, you would note that 1-15 symbols works perfectly although they has to be _dead_ (it's system symbols, the same as 16-31). But they works. They show not a system symbols, but glyphs which _works_. I've wrote symbols which are showed at the place of 16-31 there - (at oook forum they couldn't be pasted). The are not remapped! It's just a symbols.

It leaves the main quesion very actual:

Why 1-15 glyphs works and 16-31 are not working? I believe that if we would be able to find an answer at this question, we would be able to fix the bug.
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