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You could set up something like, the first N times you fight him, you just drive him off, and he'll come back again later, then on the N+1th time you can actually kill him. Or you can maybe kill him when you drive him off, if you can deal enough damage before he makes it to the stairs, but this should be implausible. And N, as well as how hard he fights before he's driven off (~= how much damage you have to deal), can depend on how many Silmarils you take. So if you take all three, then he's much more persistent and will keep coming back, meaning you basically have to win four tough fights (three drive-offs plus the "real" fight) to score a kill. While if you take only one, then you might plausibly be able to drive him off once with a much weaker character.

This would change killing Morgoth from being one big fight to being a long sequence of encounters, which might be easier to balance.
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