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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
Tolkienian but don't feel like they should be fightable in Angband - Arien, Radagast - or seem like they're stretching the boundaries too much - blue wizards, Istari
It was fun to have some moral dilemma and make something more complex in terms 'good' and 'evil'. As we wrote @ 'Angband Online' FAQ:

I saw monsters which are intrinsically 'good' creatures: such as Maggot, Bullroarer and of course the Maia. Why they attack player?
1) Don't try to get away with Maggot's mushrooms.
2) 'For the Greater Good' we often make bad thing happen in the end.. Also who says that the *player character* is always good? Actually if you would manage to defeat Morgoth you may consider to take his Crown and become the new Lord of Darkness. It makes
'good' creatures to consider you as a very big danger, maybe even worse than Morgoth himself..?
3) Considering Maia, or spirits. Sauron himself is a Maia, so there's nothing that will tell you which one is good or bad. In the dungeon, assume that they are all bad Maia. The ones that are not (Arien for example) simply see you as a nuisance that breaks the universe's balance and must be stopped.
So maybe leaving Angband too 'simple' in terms of moral choices could reduce intellectual depth of the game.. It's quite angbandish feature - to make player do something strange and ask himself "why?"
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