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Nice going!

I would buy staff of speed and drop staff of sleep monsters (home or anywhere, its pretty heavy to carry around and not that great). You're carrying a bit too many WoR scrolls for my taste. And speaking of taste, I do eat from the floor in Angband and basically never carry food items after early game. And I only play ironman games. You have a shop full of food from just one recall away. Maybe, if you wanna play it very safe and rest a lot, then carry one or two food items.

You have most resistances covered that Arvedui provides, store it for later. Also remember Rilia dagger has poison resistance. This is very important because you're going to have low hitpoints for a long time. Basilisk is first very dangerous poison breathing monster and might appear soon after D:22 so keep Rilia close. Heck, a basilisk can kill you quickly even with rPois on if it goes full beast mode breathing at you.
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