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Well everyone, Nedandon has successfully managed to clear D:33, but with quite a few mishaps along the way.

Complete N00b’s Journey: Part 2-5

In my attempt to charge my staff of speed to a decent level, I ended up blowing it up, meaning that the scrolls of recharging were useless as of now, and were promptly stored at home. Wore back my lighter leather armor (it was lying outside the home), and found that the burden level was actually LESS than if I was wearing the chain mail of Avredui (due to the strength bonus that Avredui provides). I acquired a supply of 80 bolts, and headed off to my next dive. Upon returning to D:29, I nearly had my life ended by an emperor wight, whose nether bolts put me to the low hit point warnings multiple times. Orb of draining really saved my ass here. Sangahyando of Umbar and Angamaite of Umbar greeted me in this level as well, who went down to many many bolts from my crossbow of power. They dropped a Blessed Katana (3d5) (+7, +7) <+1 WIS> and the Hard Leather Armour of Himring [20, +15]. Other items that I use-id’d were a Mushroom of Terror, before running into a trap door caused me to lose my stash there, which included 9 potions of Cure Critical Wounds and that Katana. Since I didn’t get to finish the dungeon level (and it already felt dangerous enough, I felt compelled to repeat that level by going back up. In this second run, I finally found a potion of Strength through quaff-id, which really eased up my burden problem, and got to level 26. I also found a ring of Light, which was somewhat useful item to hold in my inventory, and a trident of *Slay Demon* that was not worth taking. This complete exploration had no problems, so I then proceeded to go to D:30. D:30, was where I had a rematch with Ibun, Son of Mim. This time, I was ready for him and rained a hellfire of bolts and orbs of draining to deal with him. After having several of my scrolls destroyed, I managed to kill Ibun, and acquire the Long Sword ‘Anduril’ (3d5) (+10, +15) [+10] <+4 STR, +4 DEX>, which was WELL worth the battle in my opinion. It was also the level where I finally found a scroll of Deep descent through read-id. I skipped all the way down to D:36, which was a very nerve-wracking experience in my attempt to work my way back up to D:33. I eat-id’d a mushroom of Vigor while I thought about my situation.

D:36 proved to be a hassle to get out of, as quite a few attempts to use Sense Surroundings to find the upstairs weren’t successful. Complicating the matter was the plethora of Uniques and other dangerous monsters that was detected in nearby vaults and areas. Meanwhile, a gray wraith, a mumak, and a mature gold dragon really caused problems for me, as I attempted to find the stairs, as did Bill, the Stone Troll. I was barely able to escape with the help of my potion of speed and several potions of Cure critical Wounds. D:35 was a much more straightforward, as the upstairs was a tad closer, and the path wasn’t riddled with uniques to avoid. D:34 required a round of level reloading before I could find a pathway back up to D:33. On the way back up, I picked up a wand, which turned out to be a Wand of Frost Bolts when zapped. Upon arriving in D:33, I picked up a ring of Lightning [+18] and a ring of Constitution, the former which I kept. After D:33, I also reached level 27 and picked up a wand of Stone to Mud. I then Recalled back to town, where I bought 40 standard bolts, a set of Alchemists’s Gloves, 30 bolts (+4, +4), and a Potion of Healing the latter two which came from the Black Market. Oh, and I killed Farmer Maggot for kicks in the Town.

So the next goal for this guy: Get to and clear D:37.

What do you guys think should be my weapon and armor of choice? The selection of weapons and armor that I have are in my inventory and my home.

Is it necessary to have Maxxed stats before proceeding to D:38 and further? I read in one of the guides that doing so is necessary before venturing to that depth level.

Which creatures can show up between D:33 and D:37? I sort of had some close calls in this run, and I hope that I will be better prepared to find out which creatures will kill me if I engage.

Which items should I take with me, and which should I leave at home? I’m particularly interested in which rings should be ditched entirely.

I’ve updated Nedandon’s status on the ladder, and I would appreciate any answers to the above questions, as well as additional tips.

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