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Originally Posted by Pondlife View Post
I also think death molds could be buffed by giving them the teleport to spell, which would add them to the "don't ever get in LOS" category.
You are mean.

Originally Posted by Grotug
I've for awhile been wondering about a spell that does the opposite of stone to mud; one that causes the ceiling to crumble leaving a pile of rubble at the target dungeon square.
There's a reason why the only LOS obstruction options in Vanilla are Earthquake (random and low-density), Destruction (not very useful for actual fights outside of Morgoth), and Create Doors (fragile). Being able to obstruct LOS at will is a powerful ability; in my experience it becomes character-defining as soon as it's available.

That's not to say that it's impossible to balance, but my inclination would be to limit it to, say, a scroll or very-hard-to-recharge wand.
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