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Originally Posted by mibert View Post
Cool, thanks a lot.

About the level feelings:
Is a 3 feel equally dangerous at dlvl 20 as at dlvl 1?
As Adam said, they scale based on your depth. If you're at dlvl5 and get a 9 danger rating, that could be something like a couple of orc uniques or maybe a two-headed hydra. Things that would be a serious threat to the kind of adventurer that hangs out at dlvl5. If you're at dlvl50, then those orc uniques and two-headed hydras are not remotely a threat, so they wouldn't warrant a 9 danger rating.

Treasure rating scales similarly. Early on you may be excited to find a Defender mace, but in the late game it doesn't even move the scale.

As for your other questions:

* Sticky curses are basically gone because they strongly discouraged players from trying out items they found in the dungeon. Wielding an un-ID'd melee weapon could ruin the game for a melee character if it happened to be sticky-cursed. Instead of sticky curses, now the game has a bunch of mixed-blessing items, which weaken you in one way while strengthening you in another. The goal is to tempt the player into getting themselves killed; personally I find that more enjoyable than the old days of tediously identifying every single item I find.

* If the attributes of an item aren't clear, then that means you haven't learned all of its capabilities yet. You learn them as they become relevant, so for example you would need to be hit by fire to recognize that your shield provides fire resistance. However, once you learn that, you'll recognize "gives fire resistance" on all future items, so you only need to identify the capability, not the item.
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