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Originally Posted by zaimoni View Post
Or maybe just in for good old-fashioned 1920's-era writing.

Skimming the link: why the fear of ~750,000 words in one novel? Both Atlas Shrugged and Fountainhead (Ayn Rand novels) checked in over that --with about two-thirds of each novel cut prior to publication. (Arguably, both have reasonable sectioning into smaller novels (three and four respectively) -- but in both cases the sectioned versions are pretty much uninterpretable.)
750k would still be a brutally long novel (longer by 100k than the ayn rand books- which were not quick reads either. If the characters in Wheel of Time gave 20 page speeches on morality I'd not have made it through the books I did). Still, splitting into 2 novels rather than 3 would effectively deal with the length, although it is probably nice for the new author to have a 3-book arc to work with when taking over someone else's franchise.
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