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Originally Posted by Seany C View Post

Wearing gloves, etc will reduce your mana significantly (by 33% or 25%?) unless they're gloves (etc) of Agility or Free Action.

Other weapon/armour restrictions: Priests/Paladins using a non-blessed edged weapon will have restrictions on their spellcasting (don't remember which type, though - increased fail rates or decreased mana?). Wearing very heavy armor may reduce spellcaster's mana, although I think your weight limit increases with CL...
It's only priests that have the edged weapon penatly, not paladins, and it raises fail rates.

I don't think the weight limit increases with CL, but it's different for each class:
Mages: 30lb, Priest & Rogue: 35lb, Ranger & Paladin 40lb.

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