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Thanks for the response, Derakon! Even with the dead character, your post is helpful and informative. Definitely going to help me when I'm in those depths again (and most of my characters get to dlvl 40 ish), particularly with a low-strength caster.

I hadn't found a lot of attack wands that I kept around. In retrospect I could have been much spammier with them but I underused Lesser Recharging because I didn't like blowing up wands. I've come to realize that ?Recharging is not worth it for weaker wands that I'll be tossing within 20 dungeon levels anyways.

I really, REALLY wish that I better understood mage damage with devices. I've heard/read that it was recently buffed, but I can't tell if that damage is reflected in the damage estimates (from 'I'nspecting the item) or not, or whether it's just a reduced fail rate. I thought, perhaps mistakenly, that there was really a buff to damage but I couldn't actually tell.

I definitely appreciate the point about reading ?Acquirement even though I'm not very deep.

@DaviddesJ yes I definitely agree. Many players, e.g. fizzix in the competition that he won recently, look things up online or in the source, and I see no real way to catch and prevent this, so from a usability perspective (I'm a Madison-area game designer after all) there's really no reason not to allow monster knowledge as a default-off non-cheating player option.

I ended up finding a slightly older save of this mage's that I emailed to myself when switching computers, so out of curiosity I used it to get the character down to dlvl 98, then suicided him (scumming is scumming after all) and started a no-cheats High Elf Ranger (easy mode here I come? heh more like how S will the forthcoming YASD be...?)

Unrelatedly, if one wins the game, what happens if one wields Morgoth's guaranteed drops? Do you really get those nice stats/resists from the Iron Crown without any penalty other than you can't lose them by removing the hat?
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