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Originally Posted by Bill Peterson View Post
I'm sure it will be, I'll certainly play it and will look for bugs as best I can. I would hope that you've left as much of the debug code in as you can.

Have you left the vanilla tile graphics code in? Even though Quirk says it's impossible I'd like to take a stab at making at least the Gervais tiles work.
I will certainly be leaving debug code in. I'm planning to leave tile code in too, although I probably won't have tiles actually operational at first.

Originally Posted by Bill Peterson View Post
After this project is finished are you thinking of being the maintainer for Sil 1.3, making updates and changes?

The original reason behind doing this was to import a lot of it (combat and smithing at least) into Beleriand. It's safe to say that my plans for both projects are fluid.

My initial aim with Sil is to get it running and to be close (but possibly not identical) in gameplay to actual Sil 1.3. I don't actually know the game well enough yet to start changing it in a serious way, but anything is possible.
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