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Demonologist is a bit meh...

I am currently a level 39 zombie High-Elf Demonologist, and it plays like a Swordmaster.

I constantly have better swords, better helms and the shield doesn't have good spells.

To me, the good spells for Demonologist are:
Demon blade (+50 damage/shot with splash)
Summon demon
Control demon

I have found Ringil and the Demon Blade of Gothmog.

And Ringil is just better IMO. The demon blade does a lot of damage, but +10 speed.

The minotaur helm is better than the demon horn of gothmog

As far as summoning goes, symbiosis/summoning gives better options. Obviously you need to get it from fumble finger quests.

If I could make a change that would tip its power level would be to add another spell that gives the blade lifesteal.

Or maybe a demon form transformation that could give you an extra arm.

Does having all Gothmogs artifacts give you any additional power over just the individual pieces?
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