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So, half troll warrior had some branded weapons for ~250 damage but was using a defender mace (2 stealth) with only ~200 damage as it was the only source of SI.

Then I found this:

a) the Flail of Aragona (6d6) (+12,+27) <+4, +1>
Dropped by a mature black dragon at 2300 feet (level 46)

+4 strength.
+4 stealth.
+1 light.
Slays undead (powerfully), animals.
Provides resistance to acid, lightning, light.
Cannot be harmed by acid, fire.
Slows your metabolism. Speeds regeneration. Grants the ability
to see invisible things.

Combat info:
3.5 blows/round.
With +0 STR and +1 DEX you would get 3.8 blows
Average damage/round: 646.1 vs. undead, 401.2 vs. animals, and
319.5 vs. others.

Perfect fit.
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