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"Yay! It seems 'undefined packet' on login is beaten at last"

Perfect, now I can remove the old code I saved in case it didn't work. Once the last problems are fixed I'll release the final 1.3 version and immediately start working on 1.4 which I want to complete asap.

"New problem appeared - night in towns. I often get client crushes without any error (in server log it's just 'disconnect'). Also main town at night is really glitchy"

This scares me, as it seems to be a serious problem. However, I've tested regular PWMangband and I don't have the problem, so I tend to think it's an issue with your terrain.txt file. Send me your /lib configuration and I'll check the client in debug mode to see where the crash occurs.

"add an option to client config file - 'view'_yellow_light'. Then I'll be able to turn it on by default in my client distribution; because without it players do not understand is there a light in dungeon corridors"

Well if you remove your torch, you'll see the difference
When I play, I really don't feel the urge to set view_yellow_light on, it works well without. Unless of course you edit the terrain features and set bright and dark tiles too close. Then simply adjust your shading (make dark more dark and bright more bright).

"It would be cool to have such feature - to be able to assign any client option at server cfg"

Only gameplay options should be in server.cfg, otherwise it would break the purpose of the file.

"You said before that you are planning to rework all monsters in the game and port latest V monster changes there. I'm not fun of V-changes in monsters, but still I kindly invite you to use my tileset as default in PWMA for this job."

Changes don't only include changes in monster list, but many gameplay changes. Like spiders spitting webs, monster hordes, pit/summon refactoring and much more. Those gameplay changes are mainly what I want to port from V4.2. I'll redo the monster list to stay close to V, but without porting everything (because 1. I don't like all that was changed and 2. there are constraints for shapeshangers and non-V mobs).

"Actually we could work on this tileset together - you just say what do you want to add and where and I'll make it. We could rework tileset structure, so we both would be happy with it."

I will try to maintain a true 32x32 tileset and a true 64x64 tileset. For 1.3, the old UT32 Gervais and Shockbolt will do. However I never was satisfied with any of them, because Gervais uses tiles that have no relation to what they describe (lobster-headed mobs for example) and Shockbolt is proprietary (had to remap many tiles to old stuff because they don't exist, and tiles that would fit are "paid for" tiles and cannot be used). But with V4.2 the Shockbolt tileset has been completely redone and has no old tiles anymore, so it will be a nightmare to do anything with it.

"try and port game to SDL2"

As I said, this won't happen because it would require me to switch to a completely different compilation environment.
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