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Originally Posted by PowerWyrm View Post
"New problem appeared - night in towns. I often get client crushes without any error (in server log it's just 'disconnect'). Also main town at night is really glitchy"

This scares me, as it seems to be a serious problem. However, I've tested regular PWMangband and I don't have the problem, so I tend to think it's an issue with your terrain.txt file. Send me your /lib configuration and I'll check the client in debug mode to see where the crash occurs.
I've send you the link to PM and discord

Originally Posted by PowerWyrm View Post
"add an option to client config file - 'view_yellow_light'. Then I'll be able to turn it on by default in my client distribution; because without it players do not understand is there a light in dungeon corridors"

Well if you remove your torch, you'll see the difference
When I play, I really don't feel the urge to set view_yellow_light on, it works well without. Unless of course you edit the terrain features and set bright and dark tiles too close. Then simply adjust your shading (make dark more dark and bright more bright).
Shading of tiles is alright. I've recorded quick demo about this issue:

Please could you add 'view_yellow_light' option to client config file, so it would be possible to distribute the game client of Tangaria with it's 'on' by default.
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