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Originally Posted by tangar View Post
I've send you the link to PM and discord

Shading of tiles is alright. I've recorded quick demo about this issue:

Please could you add 'view_yellow_light' option to client config file, so it would be possible to distribute the game client of Tangaria with it's 'on' by default.
As seen, the shading problem is actually a bug. I started implementing "necromancers must play in the dark" feature from V4.2 but reverted cos I didn't like the idea of necromancers being "vampires", and forgot to revert the part in the lighting code. This is fixed for next version.

About "crash while running around at night", this is due to having too many tiles to redraw, so the game has not the time to finish redrawing before next server packet comes in and gets badly processed. I'll add some debug code to see what goes on. Fix would be to optimize tile redrawing, hope it's possible.

add 'view_yellow_light' option to client config file: ok it's "client" config, not "server", that should be an easy change. I'll add that for next version.
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