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L65. 7-4. Ulwarth, son of Ulfang dies. A vault full of plasma hounds takes me to CL 42 (701 HP, 334 SP).

L66. 6-3. I take a couple exploratory shots at Ungoliant the Unlight, but she's just too tough; I teleport her away and move on.

L67. 7-7. Wandering around, Harowen the Black hand dies after taking 34 acid bolts. Fundin Bluecloak has 5000 HP and resists everything; I decide not to bother him.

There's a small vault guarded by Ungoliant the Unlight, Glaurung, and Tselakus the dreadlord. After brief experimental engagements with Tselakus and Glaurung, all 3 uniques get teleported away, as well as Khamul (summoned). 2 multi-hued hounds also get teleported after they destroy a pile of treasures. There's only one thing here I really like: an elven cloak of the Magi with +2 intelligence, +4 stealth, +1 speed which is a straight upgrade to the cloak of the Magi I picked up on L31.

L68. 8-7. I attempt to tangle with the Cat Lord but her summons block my spells and she does lotta damage in melee, so I teleport her away again.

In a tiny vault, Vargo, tyrant of Fire, freezes and shatters after taking 19 cold bolts. Nothing of interest in the vault.

Tiny vault #2. Ungoliant gets teleported away, the Phoenix dies after 2 seeker arrows of frost, 6 seeker arrows of wounding, 27 frost bolts, although he gets me down to 32 HP before I duck around a corner to heal.

I notice there's been little of interest for a while now, but actually a lot of danger. I think it's time to start diving faster.

L69. 7-8. A potion of experience found on the floor takes me to CL 43 (718 HP, 344 SP).

Baphomet the minotaur puts up a tough fight. I hit him with 2 acid bolts and 10 arrows of venom before he whittles my HP down to the point where I'm forced to teleport him away. But I soon find him; he dies after taking 5 more arrows and 4 more acid bolts.

In a small vault, killing Dwar, dog lord of Waw requires 15 acid bolts, 1 fire bolt, 7 arrows of flame, 3 explosions. Ankhorahil the blind needs 4 arrows of flame 9 acid bolts. Hoarmurath of Dir 14 acid bolts, 10 arrows of flame, all administered while teleporting his various undead summons away. In the vault is a +10 ring of speed (base speed now 32) and enough stat potions to bring my DEX up to 18/169, I guess handy now that I'm using so much archery?

L70. 7-7. I arrive near 2 small vaults, with Ulfang the Black in my LOS. 13 acid bolts kill him. Omarax, the eye tyrant gets teleported away. I engage Glaurung, father of dragons, but it looks bad when he starts summoning, so away he goes. Ungoliant the Unlight gets teleported. Neither vault contains anything noteworthy.

L71. 5-5. At this point I must face the fact that exploring these levels is more likely to result in my early death, or at least destruction of valuable end-game consumables, rather than any significant power boost. I explore only briefly, then descend.

L72-76. 5-7. Exploring briefly, descending, pausing only briefly to kill Tselakus, the dreadlord with 16 mixed arrows and 19 acid bolts. I reach CL 44 (733 HP, 352 SP).
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