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First win in one day!

Finally I have completed this wonderful game.

Was determined to have a break for a while before my holiday started. Therefore the character name "LastHero".

I have found it almost impossible to go far without the old Half-Troll Warrior combo.

I played very cautious this time, and evaded any level with 7 or above in danger level for a long time. Found Forasgil pretty quickly, and was able to stay around at about 1800-2100' for a long time, until my STR and CON was maxed out, and I had reached level 33. I found the Glaive of Pain here as well, but never got the chance to use it.

As soon as I had telepathy and some additional speed, I deep descended as quickly as I could down to 4000'. Things are very easy with telepathy. Target group of Trolls or Giants, or more preferably, mumakil and some of the easier demons, like Vrocks or Barbazu. When I found the War Hammer of Aule, Dragons and dragonpits were very good targets.
I found experience came quite easy.

Ive always had a habit of stacking as many Teleportation Staves as i could, as well as Healing and *Healing* potions, which I buy as many as I can from the black market. When I reached level 49 I decided to take on Sauron with the Mace of Disruption of Extra Attacks (5d8) (+12,+15) <+2> Ive just been dropped, as well as the wonderful artifact Feanor, which I found a bit earlier.

I was in a bit of trouble at first, and actually got myself down to 0hp by Sauron summoning a lot of uniques and them breathing at me. Fortunately I decided to bring all my *Healing* with me and thus survived.

Battles with Sauron and Morgoth was about the same - I bought a ridicolus amount of CLW and PHD, and just hit them with my weapon. Occasionaly I used some Healing or *Healing*, but I think I could have managed without.

Spent a total of 9 hrs and 56 minutes completing it from start to finish.
Went on a mission to kill the rest of the uniques who have slain a lot of my former characters, now equipped with Grond and the iron crown, but the earthquakes feature annoys me a bit. "Fundin Bluecloak is embedded in th wall", and then he is still alive?

I love this game!
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