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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
Starting a list of questional estimates in autopricing. (I've forgotten a couple.)

- Sold a Lance of *Slay Dragon* (+10,+14) for 25K. (Selling price is 44K)
This is a bug. Assuming it had +2 pval it should have been worth about 15k (86 power). Please post the relevant stanza from your pricing.log file.
- Bought a Crown of Lordliness {ESP} from Black Market for 36K. (resale is 11K).
This is WAD. Without the ESP it's not worth much (depending on its pval) - +WIS, +CHR, susWIS, susCHR and rFear. The ESP is responsible for about 2/3 of its power rating (again, depending on its pval), and about 80% of its monetary value.

Your point is perhaps simply that ESP is still undervalued (it's currently worth as much as fire immunity). Or maybe (given your other post about +CHR items) that +CHR is undervalued. At the moment +CHR and susCHR are ignored when adding power for multiple abilities, and they are only worth +1 power each. So the item's cost would be very similar if it was just +WIS, susWIS, ESP and rFear. This is to avoid over-rating CHR on randarts (by which time it's irrelevant). I guess it depends on how important people think the limited-money part of the game is. What is that - the first two or three dives?
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