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Originally Posted by Magnate View Post
Ok, this is perhaps a bit cheap. So it raises a couple of options:

1. Just increase CHR _POWER from 1 (power per plus) to 2 or 3. (cf 8 for CON, 6 for STR/DEX, 4 for INT/WIS).
Raising this to 2 makes a +6 CHR amulet cost about 500gp. IMO this is sufficient - yes it will still pay for itself, but if you're prepared to use a slot in your home for that, that's fair enough. (For those who think it's still not enough - is CHR really worth more than half as much as INT or WIS??)

So that just leaves the crown of lordliness. The CHR is irrelevant there, it's really all about the value of ESP. Currently it's valued at 20 damage per blow (40 power). Would you give up more than 100 dmg/round for ESP?

A plain iron crown of ESP [0, +0] is worth about ~3.5k (x3 in the BM) - exactly the same as a weapon of 20dmg/blow. Again, I reckon that's about right.

Please bear in mind that anomalies in the new prices need to be considered relative to each other, rather than to previous prices. ESP was dramatically overpriced previously (in terms of its value as dmg/blow). So don't think "well if I can get 3k gp for a weapon of slay orc then this is too cheap" - because you can't anymore. Weapons of slay orc (and in particular slay troll) are much cheaper.
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