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I wrote a patch for this. It includes a number of changes to monster memory:
  • The average damage follows all relevant breath attacks, spells, and spell-like abilities. The quoted damage values do not consider any resistance, opposition, or immunity your character might have, and breath damage is only shown if you know the monster's average life, and are calculated for a monster at full health.
  • Armor and life was moved so that it immediately follows type and speed. The drops immediately follow the experience reward. The special abilities (shrieking, arrows), breath weapons, spells, and melee attacks are all next to each other, at the end of the paragraph.
  • Basic numbers (life, armor, depth, aware distance) are light cyan. Experience and drops are bright blue. Resistances are brown, vulnerabilities are violet.
  • Contextual coloring on spells was added. In general, they go green, yellow, orange, bright red in ascending order of danger. Orange usually means unresisted damage. The basic four elements are orange for no resist, yellow for resist, and green for immunity. Most other elements are orange for no resist, and green for resist. Summons are orange or red, curses are usually yellow, but turn green when you get a perfect save.

If you roll your own, you should be able to apply this patch to 1681 by running "patch -up0 < monster_memory.patch" while in the angband root directory (one level above the src directory).
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