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YAWP nightly

I played this one with a nightly from a few weeks ago (r8ceb01d9ea). I love all the work that's gone into vanilla recently! I like the frequency of vaults now. Fractional blows work great. I think the proper number of consumables dropped. It still took a while to hit max stats but it never dragged. Though I think there are too many of those gain one/lose one potions. I never found a dragon scale armor of speed, or boots of speed all game. There were a couple dragon scale armors of permanence that were tempting but never actually used. I found Mediator quite hard to beat this game. I carried Taratol for most of the game too. I think I just got unlucky on weapon drops.

While I'm here, I'll add my general thoughts on the shops question too. I'd prefer all but the black market to have a fixed stock list, with an unlimited supply of the items in that list. So things like food, books, ammo, restore stats, ID and teleport staffs would always be available without scumming. Anything questionable, like !hero or enchant weapon, would no longer be sold in town (aside from the black market). I guess the weapon and armor shops could remain the way they are now, like the black market. I think this would eliminate town scumming and still leave a little surprise when you check the black market each recall.
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