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Oh man, my whole gamestyle is a quirk.

I usually drink 6 pints of ale before I recall down.
I go out of my way to have an even quantity of a given potion, scroll, etc...
If I walk past a money ore I must dig it out.
Sometimes I drag back skeletons to my home and name them something funny like, "Door Prop", or "Ol' Pappy".
I collect mushrooms of hallucination and then eat them to watch the graphics show.
I go out of my way to kill town drunks if I see any.
I eat real food and avoid scrolls of satisfy hunger since my wife thinks it's cruel for the at-man to go without food.
It is exceedingly rare for me to bother shooting even when I have wonderful shooters.
If I ever throw it is to chuck rations of food at monsters to wake them up.

I probably have a lot more but these come to mind first! I'll have to play a quick game and pay attention to the stuff that I do automatically that is actually quite screwed up.
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