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Originally Posted by Taha View Post
Are autoinscriptions now stored in the savefile rather than the pref file? They are still there in my save, but looking through the pref file that section is blank. Even after I choose "save options" to a fresh pref file, all I have is:
# Autoinscription settings
# B:item kind:inscription
but the autoinscriptions are still with my character somewhere.

And keymaps and macros don't get saved with all the other options, only when I specifically save those from the interact with macros submenu. I thought it used to save / load all of them when you saved / loaded a user pref file.
We could definitely stand to handle and document these various forms of saving better. In nightlies, autoinscriptions get saved to the savefile along with squelch information. The "save options" menu item in the top-level options menu does not write keymap or macro information. I'll see what we can do about this.
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