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Originally Posted by pav View Post
I think you can just go on with general ideas in Vanilla forum. Clearly, the debate already taking place there, like the thread on graphical tiles, is not restricted to Vanila either.

The meat of the development debate is going on off forums, on angband-dev mailing list.
One vote for a general development forum when traffic at all permits. Keeping the number of forums to a minimum is a superb move, but I honestly think that players of Angband deserve a forum free from developer chit-chat and technical talk. I know I'd be a little intimidated if I just wanna play the game and had to wade through source code and compiler errors.

When one's comfortable talking code, it's hard - but vital - to remember to give players room to just be players. This has always been a problem in the newsgroup, IMHO - development talk drowning out gameplay chat.
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