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Beta version of PWMAngband 1.1.12 released

New PWMAngband 1.1.12 beta 1 released!

This version will port the features from the vanilla Angband 4.1 series. Check readme.txt for the HUGE list of changes...

Note: this version introduces a completely revamped wilderness, so you'll probably need time to get used to it. In normal mode, your character starts in the town of Hobbiton, located on a map that roughly matches third age Middle Earth. You can travel through the wilderness, find other towns and dungeons on the way. The main dungeon (Angband) is located in the town of Carn Dum north of the starting town. Any server can be changed to "no wilderness" mode by simply changing a parameter in mangband.cfg (DIVING_MODE=1). In that case, any character starts in Carn Dum and has only access to the main dungeon (the game will then look a lot like vanilla Angband).

Here's a list of changes since the last development release:

- Add monster themes to dungeons
- Fix Phial of Undeath having an unwanted activation
- Fix description of Phial of Undeath
- Make all dungeon bosses PWMANG_FIXED (guaranteed encounters)
- Add dungeon flags to generate themed dungeon levels
- Fix monsters being generated on water or lava
- Add feature themes to dungeons
- New terrain: ash (floor tile), nether mist (floor tile, damaging), dark wall (wall), web (passable, diggable), void (floor tile), glass wall (permanent wall), illusion wall (fake wall)
- Fix stupid crash when firing missiles
- Fix monster lore incorrectly displaying immunities from status effects
- Fix display of store entries
- Fix mismatch with savefile savers/loaders
- Fix irrecoverable savefile crash when putting items on sale inside a house
- Display "Surface" instead of "Town" as max depth when the character didn't enter any dungeon yet
- Fix starting message displaying "Wild" instead of "Town" due to character location not initialized yet

Files updated: client, server and source code.
Files are available for download at the usual location:
PWMAngband variant maintainer - check (or to learn more about this new variant!
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