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A first after 25 years - PDSM in Black Market

This Half-Troll Paladin is ROFLstomping his way to Sauron and Morgoth. At dlvl 4750', I recall to town to drop off the rods of speed and healing and check out the black market. Low and behold, there is PDSM!!! I can't recall ever seeing that - and I can afford it!! Unfortunately, I don't really need it as it doesn't cover my one resist hole (Nexus).

I'll buy it anyway just to have those resists covered in one slot, and it does prevent swapping for confusion resistance...

Alas, the PDSM left a nether hole, but once I covered it with the Elfstone of Aering, the +Dex maxxed out my blows!!

Looking good, only hole is stunning...

A win with this Paladin will give me a non-scumming win with every class except Ranger...

Wish me luck,
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