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I've looked closer and it seems, compared to bitmap font, for WOFF you are adding 2 pixels extra between glyphs adjacent horizontally and 3 between lines.

Allure of the Stars manages to mimic bitmap font treatment by displaying each glyph separately at calculated coordinates and so there is no extra space between glyphs.

Edit: Wow, you are actually doing that with bitmap fonts as well, which means even with a square font distances are not true on the map. I'm surprised, because bitmap fonts (or only the old-school ones?) are designed pixel-perfect, for display without any extra borders. You probably do that due to the cursor, because your fonts (as opposed to mine) are not designed to accommodate the cursor, so that it doesn't obscure important parts of the font and never touches stems at more that a couple of points. I'd probably only do that for fonts smaller (or equal?) than 9x15, because glyph stems in larger fonts rarely, if ever, run exactly at the border or only 1 pixel away (so cursor would fuse with the stem). This is all assuming your cursor is 1 pixel wide. But is looks so.

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