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Originally Posted by imsabbel View Post
This is fantastic!
Glad you like it!

The only drawback is the reduced monster count. I personally like having 100s of different monsters and do a pokemon style "collect them all" in the monster memory, but that is just secondary.

EDIT: And i forgot: Experience for actually encountering new monsters is a fantastic concept, together with dimishing returns! It makes me actually look forward to find new and exciting baddies instead of mawing down another line of orcs....
As you have observed, the experience system (gaining and spending) is an important component of the game. Trying to keep things more of a flavourful fit, as half mentioned, is the main reason for the relatively low monster count, but I'll also point out that for the diminishing returns mechanic on experience to be meaningful, you need in a typical game to be meeting each type of enemy several to many times. Given our aim for the length of the game, this means that there shouldn't be too many monsters (but there is some flexibility here, and the number might increase a bit if we have good monster concepts).

Originally Posted by Narvius View Post
I only got to, like, dlvl 5 so (out of 40, yes?) - does it slow down a bit later? Because at the beginning min depth goes up at roughly the same rate I explore levels.
There are 20 dungeon levels. The length of time allocated per level does go up as you get deeper -- it's 1000 + (depth in feet) turns. However, the levels also get bigger, so this may continue to be true. You can always dive early on in order to spend some more time at deeper levels.

We regard having a time limit as an important part of the game balance, to avoid conflicts between optimal play and enjoyable play, which you can get if there is a section where the optimal strategy is to spend a long time safely playing at a certain depth to gather experience and/or items. It also helps keep the length of the game under control. That said, the precise formula used to control the forced descent is a balancing tool, so we might consider changing this.
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