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Progress report:
- I have gotten my druid trough the annoying beginning phase of the game, otherwise nothing really exciting happened with that char.

- Started on my necromancer, and soul siphon is as awesome as I remembered. The lack of utility compared to the druid is a bit annoying, but I have at least infravision that helps deal with annoyances like Smeagol.

- Also, started on my priest, which happens to be my first serious try at playing this class in any *band, ever. Picked Armsman as first speciality which seems like a good choice. However, the second pick of Clarity might not have been all that useful, since I'm hardly casting priest spells other than for utility.

As for changes to the program, the only additional one is that the slow/sleep/confuse/turn spells shows power rating when browsing. I'm still in progress of implementing this change.

So, what is this power rating?
These type of spells affect a normal monster if randint(pow) >= r_ptr->level + 2. That means that power has to be quite a bit more than monster depth to get a reasonable chance of slowing a monster.
Having a 50% chance of slowing a town monster would only require pow = 4, but to get the same chance of slowing a Storm of Unmaking would require pow = 914.
Example 2:
A necro slow monster spell without Beguile has pow = plev + 5, which means that pow is 55 when level is maxed. That gives 50+% chance of slowing monsters with native depths <= 25 (Stone Trolls, Cloud Giants). Adding Beguile improves this somewhat to pow = 82, which gives 50+% for monsters with native depths <= 39 (Half-Trolls, Mithril Golems, Mature Green Dragons).
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