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My necromancer managed to get into real trouble.

I was at dlvl 3, encountered the desperate adventurer, who asked for oil. Since I still had money problems I accepted. Two encounters with trap doors later I was in deep shit - no WoR yet, that was what I needed the money for.
I managed to get back up to dlvl 3 before I ran out of fuel.

So what could I do?
- Use Wizard mode? No, distasteful to me.
- Delete character in anger? No, childish and defeatist.
- Die and cheat death? No, defeatist and I loose all that gold.
- Stumble around for a stair? No, I have better things to do with my time.
- Change the rules? Well, I always considered the current infra-vision implementation to be unrealistic.

So, I set out to edit the game and change to rules to something more to my liking.
First, I went and changed the rules of trap generation. Trap doors was disabled, so was also dungeon alteration and alter char and reality traps.
Not only does this get rid of traps that does distasteful stuff, it also makes trap more of a nice optional rather than a must-have. (Able to play as viable device-less warriors would be nice.)

Second, I improved infra-vision to allow characters to see stuff with infra-vision, but still not take any actions that requires light. Seems to work fine. However, I have to take a look at the Unlight specialty and consider if it needs changes to not become too powerful combined with infra-vision. Comparing O and Ey Unlight and decide on which one to use becomes an upcoming task for me.

BTW, my priest was lucky and got the Phial from Lotho. (This should have been in the last post.)
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