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Managed to get my Necro back to town with the changes to infra-vision. Ironically when I visited the general store there was no light sources for sale, but I was at least able to buy scrolls WoR and food. The next trip to town allowed me to finally get some oil.

Also started to play the mage. Managed to her deep enough and rich enough to be set up to start serious diving. Now I only the priest is stuck in the beginning game due to lack of money.

For the mage I picked Power Siphon (and Clarity at 10). I'm not yet convinced that Power Siphon was a good choice, I hope that it will become more useful when I run into more spellcasters.

As for editing I did two edits:
- Weak pseudo-id now detect average items.
- Items dropped by uniques are inscribed with the name of the monster who dropped it.
The first one should help speed up the early game a little, and the second is merely a convenience.
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