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My main concern is that all magic realms should be distinct from each other. Our current two realms break down as:

* Arcane: wide variety of narrowly-focused attack spells; haste and temporary resistance buffs; many niche spells; many narrowly-focused detection spells.

* Holy: small number of widely-applicable attack spells; powerful healing; lots of duplication in spell list; has Detection and Magic Mapping.

These are both really pretty scattered, honestly. If we're going to add even more realms, then it behooves us to overhaul all of the realms and make each one have its own strengths and weaknesses. Note that we can do this in part by manipulating the classes that have access to those realms -- for example, it's not a huge deal if the arcane realm can do everything if the only class that has full access to it is greatly hampered physically (as our current Mage class is).

I'm certain there have been many discussions in the past about overhauling spell lists and adding new magic realms. I can't be bothered to search for them right now.
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