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Originally Posted by Carnivean View Post
Honestly I think that magic could be overhauled, but I think that the mage/priest dichotomy is as far as it should go. Additional classes should exist within the current framework and be balanced against the existing classes.
Yep, I'm inclined to agree. I think considering how to make arcane vs. holy magic more distinct is definitely a good idea, but I'm not convinced that Angband needs any further spell realms when the two we've got are fairly blurrily defined and overlapping.

Although an alternative to trying to make the town books for both types of magic completely distinct might be to actually merge them into a single set of basic utility spells that all casters get a subset from, and then have class-specific dungeon books. (With perhaps pure casters like Mages/Priests able to use other classes' spellbooks as well as their own.) So it might be broken down like:

Basic Spells 1-4 - anyone except warriors can use
Book of Rogue Spells - rogues, mages
Book of Ranger Spells - rangers, mages
Book(s) of Mage Spells - mages only
Book of Paladin Spells - paladin, priests
Book(s) of Priest Spells - priests only

That might actually make it easier to introduce new spell realms, because instead of trying to come up with a whole nine books worth of not-very-distinct spells, you could give them access to the shared basic spells and then add a new class-specific dungeon book.

Or if you want to go further, you could nuke realms entirely, and just theme your spellbooks by topic, with different classes allowed or disallowed individual books according to topic. (For instance, maybe Rogues only get to use the spells from "Book of Detection" and "Book of Escapes", while rangers get "Book of Lesser Magical Attacks", and mages can use all of those plus others that are mage-only, but not the priest/paladin-specific "Book of Healing Spells" or "Book of Holy Attacks".)
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