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Personally, I like the idea of different realms and more creative spells. Tome4 makes really great use of buffs and debuffs, which took me a while to get used to. Angband does really poorly at this and there's a lot of room here. Personally, I'd like holy to be a buff/debuff realm with limited healing, arcane to be a pure damage realm in the glass cannon way of things, nature would have strong healing and limited summons, necromancy would have mass summons (of undead) and some limited offense. That's if I had to choose those schools. I think all realms should have some basic detection abilities and utility spells.

Are there any thoughts on restructuring how we handle actual spellcasting? The current system never really struck me as that great. Here's a crazy proposition, using Nick's orthogonal system where nature opposes arcane and holy opposes necromancy. The utility/detection spells can even be separated out into another realm of generic magic. Players can learn all the spells (eventually) from the major realm and about half of the spells from the minor realm. You can also have hybrids that either get everything from one realm but no minor realm, or can have two minor realms.

I also would like to remove the need to carry a book to cast the spell. You learn the spell from the book and its there in your memory. This requires some fundamental changes to inventory handling also.
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