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Got no playing done today, was busy with other things.

As for programming changes, I considering changes to shops, id system and consumables. Mostly things that would clean up things, streamline stuff and remove useless crap. Nothing decided on yet, since these are bigger things, and I'm wary of making to big changes before I really decides on making it a real variant.

Originally Posted by Bandobras View Post
Huh, these and the earlier features are exactly what annoyed me for years. BTW, in Un most of the annoyances you mention are removed, too, though less drastically (e.g. teleport level is not instantaneous, Nexus's swap is much bigger, but temporary, amnesia is changed, stuff gets damaged, instead of destroyed, until is has not more plusses to drain).
Nice to see someone else that doesn't belong to the 'I my days we only played Ironman without lanterns and artifacts faction'.

Have to test Un some day, it has been on my to play list for years. I guess that the fact that it's in active development makes me wary. Have had enough of maintainers of variants I'm involved with going AWOL.

I like O. It's simple but it has a style. It's really a variant, not an expansion.
Yes, I also prefer variants that has a clear style and identity. Everything and the kitchen sink variants like Z/Heng/Entro has no appeal to me.
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